Fluid Ecstasy


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Fluid Ecstasy – the return to our origins, Mauritius (2015)

Video Work by Milo Moiré

Duration 5:06 min

Fluid Ecstasy is an artistic underwater video work by Peter Palm, which he realized on the island of Mauritius with the conceptual artist Milo Moiré.Filled with a naive sexuality, this short film lasting just under six minutes reveals surreal, grace-filled perspectives on the female nude.Beneath the surface, within the concealing element of water, nothing remains concealed.

The title “Fluid Ecstasy” describes a trance-like, natural bliss in the flow of merging.

Peter Palm shows the nude Milo Moiré in a peaceful world, comparable to our “being” in the womb prior to our birth. Both Milo Moiré and Peter Palm have done without technical aids, with one exception … flippers, which make reference to the metamorphosis from fish to Homo sapiens.The video was created during numerous dives.


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