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  1. Access to the Blog of the Muses (Quickie) A quick & soft insight into the world of Muses. Regularly posts of nude clips and snaps of their private life & dirty phantasies. If you want to see porny stuff from the Muses, upgrade to full access!
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  3. Access to the Art Performances from the Muse Milo Her badass nude Performances in public made headlines around the world. See how shameless Milo uses her naked body as a tool in her art.
  4. Access to Livestream and Livestream Archive Every second week you can see a Muse live and chat with her! Watch the Muses at work, during crazy adventures or in very intimate situations. If you missed a livestream, no problem! You have access to the archive too.
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Take also a part in the life of the unique Porn-artist MILO MOIRÉ. Be there when she uses her naked body and vagina as a tool for her performances. See for example, how passersby in the street finger her in order to penetrate her in the name of art. You’re looking for a Quickie, One Night Stand, Love Affair, Big Romance or True Love with the Muses.

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As a Member you can stream the videos as often as you like. Many nude videos and hundreds of lewd photos of the Muses will be uploaded. Once a week new content will be visible for you.The longer you’re member the more content you will see! You can cancel your membership at any time. Members can follow the exciting and lustful life of the muses. In their blog the muses show that they like to do what they want. For example, how she walks without panties or provokes a scandal on the plane. See for yourself!!!

All pictures are created by the renowned star photographer PETER PALM — except for the selfies, from the Muses Peter Palm works for magazines including PLAYBOY, MAXIM, FHM and GQ. He is a master of staging subtle and provocative erotic presentations.

Peter has published six calendars so far, "THE TWELVE MUSES" (2016) "SOLARIS" (2017) "HOTEL MOIRÉ" (2018) "LIBERTINE" (2019), "RAW BEAUTY" (2020) and most recently "CASA TEQUILA" (2021) which are already considered classics of erotic photography.

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