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Milo Moiré

World-famous performance artist with a master’s degree in psychology, a sexual free spirit.

Born and raised in Switzerland with Spanish-Slovakian roots, Milo Moiré studied psychology and worked as an international model.

Inspired by her knowledge of human behaviour, she started experimental performances in public with her naked body. Her conceptual work became world famous immediately.

Milo is an icon of artistic sex and sexual art. Bored with the zeitgeist of political correctness, she longed for a visionary female voice in the world of sex. She found her life goal: “I want to merge sex and art, to break down the boundaries and be free from labels like (mainstream) porn. A fusion that is as playful as a child and as quintessentially self-determined as a woman,” says Milo Moiré. She wants to create unique sceneries of the female libido. Her imagery unites her creative spirit and her beautiful body in an authentic and sensual way.

Blessed with extraordinary sexual power, Milo loves to masturbate, going to sex parties and confronting people (and making them think) with her nudity and her open attitudes. However, the most important thing is that she is not ashamed of sharing her intimate secrets with the world.

Today, she lives and works in Düsseldorf.


The Unlimitedmuse team

“We are freedom fighters, we are aesthetes, we love the human body and we live sex without taboos”.

Unlimitedmuse was founded on the belief that we can create the most artistic sex platform in the world. And from the perspective of a woman.

The team behind the idea is the well-known performance artist Milo Moiré and the star photographer Peter Palm.

It’s not just the professional craftsmanship and the aesthetic vision of the pair that makes their films and photos so unique. Rather, it’s the pure intimacy and their love of experimenting that fascinates people. A woman, who as the protagonist, can bring her own sexual fantasies to life to suit her own ideas.


Manifesto of a free woman

To all observers of my sexual expression.

It’s nice that you found me here.

As someone who is very open sexually, I have created this site so that in addition to my artistic work, I can share my most intimate sides and preferences with you. I quite simply love being naked and having sex. My physical desire is an important driving force in my life.

You can now take part too and join me on my private adventures. Everything I show here is based exclusively on my own sexual needs. I only do what I enjoy and I do it without any inhibitions. I want to use intimate selfies or clips to document my lustful moments. I invite you to be a part of Milo’s world.

Fantasies know no bounds! I want to be the sex object in your fantasies and am turned on and excited when I arouse you. But if we were to meet in real life, I’d want you to treat me with respect. You should act with dignity towards me and every other woman, irrespective of how sexy she may seem to you. You should accept that lustful, naked women are not fair game. I demonstrated in public for this cause following the sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

When it comes to sex, we play by my rules. If I long for your penis (or your vagina), I’ll make it clear to you. And in return, you can be sure that my pleasure is genuine and my orgasms are not fake. I take it as a compliment when I imagine you at home, looking at me and masturbating. This idea excites me. If fuels my desire to seduce you again and again.


I am delighted that you have become a member or that you will be one soon! Enjoy immersing yourself in my sexual world!


Your Unlimited Muse, Milo


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