Limited Editions

Photography is a medium that technically allows for the production of any number of “originals.” Thus, if the number of prints is limited, that becomes very meaningful. In our Limited Editions, the number of prints in a particular format will not exceed that edition’s specified print run. The principle: the owner of a photograph in a limited edition of, for example, 75 copies shares the rights to the artwork with just 74 other people worldwide, and each print is an original.
In the art market, works are elevated to original status when they are hand-signed by the artist. A signed edition certificate guarantees the authenticity of the artist’s signature and includes the edition’s significant details: format, date stamp and the work’s print number. This form of signature, meets the international standards followed by all major auction houses.


Editions with Clear Limits
Each artist come to a contractual agreement as to how often an artwork can be recreated. Furthermore, the artists commit themselves to not offering any additional prints of the work. Besides the defined edition sizes at unLimitedmuse, the artist reserves the right to offer a few prints – usually in considerably larger formats – to galleries and museums. This is essential for the work to become known.
For every edition, there are 2-10 so-called “artist proofs” in addition to the numbered edition prints. These proofs are made available to the artist for quality control. Under special circumstances, they will be marked as artist proofs and sold by unLimitedmuse at increased prices once the edition has sold out. If you acquire an edition that has the “Sold” status, with a little luck, that might just be one of the coveted artist proofs.


Quick Delivery Times
unLimitedmuse keeps most artwork available for you. Therefore, the delivery time usually ranges between 14-21 days.