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A MUSE is one of the nine Greek goddesses of the arts who inspires you in many ways and makes you dream. was created to satisfy the desire for exclusive, highly erotic and classy sex without taboos. From sensual, almost dreamy scenes to hardcore action, because we believe that good sex is a human right.

Our MUSES are selected personalities who have mastered the art of perfect seduction and can drive anyone crazy.

Our MUSE Milo Moiré, who has been on board from the very beginning, to new MUSES such as Mina Harker and others will entertain, seduce and share their shameless lives with you.

Whether you’re looking for a hot scene in a stunning location or a story, we’ve got it all! Our goal is to exceed expectations in the quality of our content time and time again. To ensure this, we travel to the most intimate locations around the world, select only the hottest MUSES and have only one cameraman who has worked for Playboy and other famous magazines for 20 years. He knows how to take the perfect shots and showcase the female body in an erotic way. This is how we ensure that our MUSES feel comfortable and that our members are visually pampered.

But that’s not all: our aim is to take you on a journey that gives you boundless fun and pleasure.

The universal perfection and perfection of female creation is not withheld from the viewer.

It is not only the professional craftsmanship and the aesthetic eye of unlimitedMUSE that makes the films and photos so unique. Rather, it is the pure intimacy and joy of experimentation that fascinates.

A MUSE who can bring her own sexual fantasies to life as a protagonist according to her own ideas.

Captured in a quality befitting a MUSE.

To all viewers of sexual expression:

Nice that you have found us here.

Our MUSES love being naked and having sex.

Their physical pleasure is an important driving force in their lives.

From now on, you too can take part in this and accompany our MUSES on their private adventures. What our MUSES show here is based exclusively on their own sexual needs.

They only do what they enjoy – and they do it uninhibitedly!

They want to document their lust-filled moments with intimate selfies or clips. In the MUSEN world, they let you be part of it.

Fantasies know no bounds! Your MUSE would like to be your sex object in your fantasy and finds it exciting and a turn-on when she arouses you. But in reality, should you ever meet one of these MUSES, she wants you to treat her with respect. Our MUSES and every other woman deserve to be treated with dignity, no matter how sexy she may seem to you. You should accept that even lustful, naked women are not fair game. This is why we demonstrated publicly with our muse Milo Moiré on the Domplatte in sub-zero temperatures after the attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne – Germany.

The MUSES consider it a compliment when they imagine you watching them masturbate. This idea makes them even more uninhibited!

We are delighted that you have become or will soon be our member! Have fun immersing yourself in our sexual world.



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