The Split Brain


„Das wahre Gesicht existiert nicht! Die Maske entlarvt den Kampf der verborgenen Gesichter.

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The Split Brain – La Bruja De Nieve, Duesseldorf, Germany (2013)

Video Work by Milo Moiré

Duration 2:53 min

The true face doesn’t exist! The mask reveals the fight between the hidden faces.

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré’s video work The Split Brain (La bruja de hieve) is an interpretation of our brains’ dark secret lives in search of the true self. The concept was inspired by the scientific insights of the neuropsychologist David Eagleman (Incognito: “The Secret Lives of the Brain”, 2010).

Warm-cold, light-dark, human-animal, emotional-rational, vulnerable-invulnerable, struggling-relaxing … this existential interaction between the poles of our inner life confuses us inwardly. We struggle with this dynamic throughout our entire lives.

Every single day a battle in our heads starts all over again… Competing opposite numbers compete for our self – on a minefield of pressure and consciousness…gregarious smile or exhausted crying, monitored work or devoted delight?
Always in reach of our hands is the iron mask as a safeguard against negative consequences.
While existing in this dual core of rivalry between inside and outside, we negotiate with ourselves.
What remains of these inner disputes, though they be democratic?…an ever-changing, conflicted face.

The Split Brain (La bruja de nieve) by Milo Moiré:

– Countless Faces –
Remote-controlled by the force
of the witch within,
accompanied by your willpower,
you are in search of the control lever
for yourself.
Scanning the ambivalence
for an agreement with your true face,
meaningfulness will be born –
a multitude of faces.


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